Sometimes you have to get dirty to get close

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Sometimes you just have to get dirty in order to get close to the action. Dirt race tracks are one of those places that give you the choice of getting a poor picture or getting the right picture.

grossinger photographyWhen confronted with this type of situation I would rather go home with no pictures than put up with poor pictures.

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The only other choice is to get close enough to stick the lens through the fence. Whenever I go to events like this I try to get a pit pass. That generally doubles the price of admission but to me it’s worth the money to be able to wander around, talk to mechanics and drivers and then get the close-up race shots.

Get close, get dirty, get the picture! race car grossiner photography

I’m no pro but that does not mean I have to accept bad shooting conditions. Yeah, I got a bit dirty, looked a bit foolish but I went home with the pictures! Situations similar to this one come up all the time. Sometimes you have to get rude and push, other times you have to beg and whine, while most of the time opening the wallet with some cash will get you the desired results.

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