Photographing Mandy and Carmen

Sometimes I go over a month without having a pinup shoot, then other times I get flooded with appointments. Right now I’m being flooded. Not that I’m complaining mind you.

photo mandy glamor pinup joe grossinger photographyClick on image for a better view

I decided to try some new things when I planned for this photo shoot. For starters, I wanted to try out the Topaz and NIK Software plugins to Photoshop, plus I wanted to do some new things with the lighting and background.

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For this image I set the camera on ISO 200. I used the Nikon D5000 with the Nikkor 18-200mm lens. I shoot full manual when doing an indoor shoot using strobes. The selected aperture was f/7.1, shutter speed 1/60th with the lens set on 95mm. I set levels to enhance the shadow area.

The important thing about photographing amateur models, just starting out is to make them feel as comfortable as possible, to establish a good rapport and to work on their expressions. I always shoot with my wife present. That helps a lot. Expressions are harder. The model needs to be made to realize that a glamor photo shoot is like Hollywood, that she needs to learn how to act. That’s the hard part.

picture mandy glamor pin up joe grossinger photographyClick on this image for a larger view

I did not change any of the settings for this shot but I did use NIK Software Color Efex Pro 4.0. This is the latest version. I used the pastel filter. This filter falls right into my way of photographing women. Soft. I want the light to caress the female body, not smash into it and overpower it.

carmen picture joe grossinger photography pinup glamor boudoirClick on image for a larger view

For this image of Carmen I used Topaz Adjust

The settings were; f/5, 1/60th, ISO 200, 62mm

Carmen knows how to do a nice sultry look. I have worked with her since she was 17 years old. First with fully dressed images, where we concentrated on expressions. After she turned 18 it became second nature for here to play with the lens. Oh yes, I met with and talked with her parents before we did the first shoot.

mask picture joe grossinger photography pinup glamor boudoirclick on this image for a larger view

I have been wanting to do a shoot using mardi gras type masks for some time. I think this prop works great for sheer impact. Of course you lose all facial expressions, so body language is all important. I want the viewer to make up his or her own story when looking at these types of pictures.

mask picture joe grossinger photography pinup glamor boudoirclick on image for a larger view

This type of imagery is a bit tougher for model and photographer because we don’t do many photo sessions using masks.

I used the same settings for this picture. We really concentrated on bringing a more myserious, perhaps forbidden look to this image. The dark background, high contrast, and low key lighting all added to that effect.

I am going to continue discussing pinup, glamor, boudoir photography in future blog entries

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