Photographing Jenny

Jenny is a complete amateur. I had the opportunity to photograph her just before Christmas. As we were getting ready to do the shoot I asked her if she had modeled before. When she answered in the negative, I thought to myself ” oh, swell”. Not that I mind beginners, but working with a model on her first shoot usually means slow going with a lot of coaxing. “Smile”, “look into the lens”, that sort of thing. With Jenny no coaxing was needed. She just naturally gave great poses and wonderful expressions. What a gift!
jenny model pinup photo shoot joe grossinger photography picture Click on the image for a better view

I don’t like to use a lot of props in my pinup photography because most of the time props are highly distracting and many times compete for the viewers attention. It’s the same with backgrounds. I almost always use very simple, plain backgrounds in order to focus all the attention on the model.

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In this case I used a hat from a gangsta costume and an old chair.

pretty model pinup photoshoot joe grossinger pictureMost of the time I prefer models look straight into the lens to give the impression of looking at the viewer, to make a visual connection. I like this picture, because Jenny appears to be day dreaming of being in Hollywood, or perhaps just waiting for that certain someone.

beautiful  model pinup photoshoot joe grossinger photograpy pictureIn this image I have good eye contact, a sexy pose, an unusual perspective and a lovely smile.

sexy model pinup photoshoot joe grossinger photograpy imageYou can click on these images for an even better view.

Jenny has the natural ability to look into your eyes and give you the impression that you are the only person in her life. That’s a killer look.

I try to develop that in all of the models I photograph.

Pinup photography has degenerated ever since the early 1970s, but I like to give the viewer’s mind the opportunity to work on his or her own fantasies. The brain is the most sensitive sex organ.

silk veil beautiful  model pinup photoshoot joe grossinger photograpy pictureIn my final image I have Jenny draped in a silk veil. Silk veils are much more expensive than veils made of other materials but nothing drapes a body like silk, nothing caresses the models body like silk.

I hope you enjoyed my presentation.

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