Manzanar is most widely known as the site of one of ten camps where over 110,000 Japanese Americans were incarcerated during World War II. Located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada in California’s Owens Valley between the towns of Lone Pine to the south and Independence to the north, it is approximately 230 miles (370 km) northeast of Los Angeles. Manzanar (which means “apple orchard” in Spanish) was identified by the United States National Park Service as the best-preserved of the former camp sites, and is now the Manzanar National Historic Site, which preserves and interprets the legacy of Japanese American incarceration in the United States.(WIKI)
For me this is always such a sad, sad site to see. Americans imprisoning Americans. It just goes to prove what I have always been saying. The Bill of rights should be called THE TEN SUGGESTIONS.
I think every American should pay the place a visit and certainly, bring the kids.Photographing is a simple matter of bringing your camera. Just straight forward shooting, even with cell phones will do the job.
For this image I used my old and deceased Nikon D5000. Those cameras get very angry when you pour a ice chest full of cold water on them. I replaced that camera with the Nikon D5200
I love the articulated display, something I feel to be essential on every photo shoot I do.

I used the same equipment for this image, taken at the camp cemetery with Mt Whitney in the background.

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