This was at Badwater Basin in Death Valley. It was about 120F or 48.9C in the month of July. The gentleman and I got to talking, I found out they were from Finland. We laughed about the difference in climate. Then he said “coming to Death Valley in July is crazy, no?” I told him no, it’s not crazy. I told him that whenever he told the story about going to death Valley he would have bragging rights because he went in July, probably the worst month. He would be able to thrill his friends with stories of death threatening temperatures and the high price of ice.
That cheered him up but his wife said something like “Oh my Gott” and moved on. There is no pleasing everyone.
Sure July is a horrible month to visit Death Valley, but any woos can go in December.
Anyway, I have to laugh thinking about his wife because my granddaughter Megan felt pretty much the same way.
There are no secrets to photographing in Death Valley. Bring plenty of liquids, make sure your ice chest is full of ice and keep your body covered if you are sensitive to the sun.

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