Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe NM

My aim was to visit the Loretto Chapel with its “miraculous” staircase.

Photographing Loretto Chapel

Day One – Santa Fe New Mexico

My aim was to visit the Loretto Chapel with its “miraculous” staircase.

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Located at 207 Old Santa Fe Trail, between Alameda and Water streets, I had no trouble finding my way using GPS.

Entrance to the chapel requires a modest $3.00 fee.

There are quite a few photo ops in the general area, since this is the old part of Santa Fe.

I entered the chapel with my two Nikons, the D90 being equipped with the Tokina 11-16 mm lens, while I had the 18-200 Nikkor on my D5000.

You can do a great job of photographing the entire interior in less than 30 minutes, which I did.

The reason for mounting the Tokina on the D90 is that the D5000 does not have a focusing motor like the D90 and the Tokina lens also lacks a focusing motor, so with the D5000 you would need to manually focus the Tokina. That explains in part why the D5000 is cheaper and smaller than the D90.
Nikon lenses designated AF-S or AF-I have their own focus motors.
I knew all that before I bought the Tokina, but I consider this lens to be so fine I would have bought it even if I did not have a D90. Manual focus is a breeze with this lens.
For me, the D5000 was a compelling buy because of it’s swivel LCD and it’s ability to shoot with live preview. I can use this camera for waist level shooting and I don’t have to crawl around the floor like a worm to get eye-level with a toddler, small dog or cat. Yes, that is a SUPER feature.
So to me the D90 and the D5000 make one fine camera.

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