crashed drive








Not a pretty picture but it happens to everyone who owns a computer with a hard drive. Sooner or later KEEERASH! I had a growing problem with my hard drive which I chose to ignore for about six months. When the computer finally died, I knew I was in trouble.
So, I got on the Dell website and ordered me another computer, one with two 1TB hard drives. What I got was one computer with one 2 TB hard drive. The guy from Bangladesh had a wee problem with Engrish.
Since I was delighted with the rest of the computer I decided to keep it as it came but ordered another hard drive from Amazon.com to make backup copies.

I do of course make copies of all my images on CD-ROM disks. I’ve been doing this for about 10 years now and as a result, I now have over 15,000 images on CDs. Transferring all those images from CD to computer took a while, but I have the images! Unfortunately I treated those images much like negatives, I did not save the processed images. That’s what I’m doing now. Going back and working all those “negatives”.
Everyone needs a backup plan, so I hope my tale of woe will help a few people. You can see some of the images on my Flickr account.

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