Busy Traveler

Busy traveler at the train station
Lady rushing to catch a train.
Nikon D7500 with Nikon 18-300mm lens
f/9 1/80 second ISO 1000 52mm
Aperture priority
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I paid a visit to El Paso’s Union Train Depot just looking for a photo opp. This lady was rushing by and I saw the picture. Traveler rushing by with people sitting an waiting for a train. I only had time to raise the camera, compose and click. No time for fancy adjustments and composing. Get the picture. As luck would have it I already took some pictures in the station and set the ISO at 1000. It all worked out great for a nice image.

A view from the far end.
Nikon D7500 with Nikon 18-300mm lens
f/9 1/30 second ISO 200 18mm


The El Paso Union Depot is an Amtrak train station in El Paso, Texas, served by the Texas Eagle and Sunset Limited. The station was designed by architect Daniel Burnham,[3] who also designed Washington D.C. Union Station. It was built between 1905 and 1906 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971.

In addition to Amtrak service, the station is served by Sun Metro local buses at nearby stops. There has been intermittent talk of resurrecting streetcar service across the border to Ciudad Juarez since the last trolley rolled some thirty years ago.

The station’s office space are occupied by the Texas Tech College of Architecture, which opened in 2013. Sun Metro was formerly headquartered in the space until it moved in 2014. – Source Wikipedia