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Homeless person
Random Homeless person. I think I woke him up as I walked by.

This guy’s sign got my attention. I was doing a walk around downtown El Paso when I passed by this guy. I was actually trying to find some interesting shots of a neighborhood called Duranguito. It’s an interesting battle between some activists and City Hall. City government is in the process of razing most of the neighborhood in order to build a multipurpose arena. There are charges, counter charges, lawsuits and lies on both sides of the issue. The undeniable truth is that Duranguito is a slum. There is nothing in Duranguito of any historic value. Common sense says, “burn the place down”. That’s how I feel. There are plenty of people that disagree with me and that’s fine. However, none of their arguments make any sense.
The one touchy issue for me is the use of eminent domain to kick people out of their homes. I’m not a lawyer but I know one thing. People on both sides of the issue lie their asses off. So this issue will probably be settled in court.

Old rundown building of no value
Soon to be demolished

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