Alligator Plaza

Nikon D7500 with Nikkor 10.5mm Fish eye lens
f/9.0 1/400 second ISO 100 10mm
Aperture priority
I used the Nikon 10mm fisheye for this picture because I wanted to show the El Paso downtown area. I really dislike that new cover because it blocks the view but I imagine it also provides a lot of shade for the fiberglass gators.

Alligator Plaza is an El Paso, Texas icon. There have been live alligators in this plaza from 1889 to 1965.
Now like most things the gators have turned to plastic.

I like the Nikon 10.5mm Fish eye lens. It’s very small, light and gives me great pictures.

One caveat about this lens. It does not have a focusing motor, so it won’t autofocus with some Nikon cameras like the D5300. I like this camera because it has that really handy swivel LCD. The D5300 small, not expensive and very versatile.

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