Carhenge Near Amarillo Texas

Carhenge Near Amarillo Texas

carhenge image amarillo texasClick on this image for a better view

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I can’t help myself, I just have to stop here about twice a year just to make sure the Caddy’s are not lonesome and to check on the changes made to the cars.

This particular car looks like it’s being eaten by Caddyworms. I don’t know what’s going on but all of the cars looked pretty rough.

The GPS co-ordinate are 35.187333,-101.987203 – Google them for a map and directions.

The sky was completely covered with clouds and it was 5PM, so it was getting on the dark side when I came around to photograph the semi buried Cadillacs. I set the Sony A-55 ISO on 800, aperture priority f/8. The camera chose 1/250th for the shutter speed. Since people go out of their way to find really bright colors for their graffiti I did not have to do any color boosting in Photoshop. I just tweaked the contrast a little and re-sized the image. You never know what you will run into when you get down to the cars. Sometimes it’s cute kids, and at other times cute babes. On this trip the place was pretty empty so I did not get a lot of people shots with the cars.

carhenge joe grossinger photographyI found this shot interesting because I did get to include some people into the picture.

woman carhengeSome of the people make a real effort with their art and it’s a lot of fun just watching them. Especially the girls.

Stop by and photograph CarhengeĀ  yourself the next time you are on I-40 just a bit east of Amarillo.

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